Probaris ( is a leading provider of commercial identity and authentication software products and services. The company has been successfully delivering quality software and services to large enterprises and commercial businesses since 2000.

PrivaKey™ ( is our cloud based authentication service. It improves the user login experience by eliminating the need for unique usernames and passwords for every online service. The PrivaKey service significantly strengthens authentication transactions by using a uniquely secure and simple two-factor authentication (2FA) method. While most 2FA solutions add complexity to the authentication process, PrivaKey simplifies it. PrivaKey is easy to enable on websites, mobile applications, and online services. It requires no upfront capital, and it works on devices that users already own.

Probaris ID® is the most advanced commercially available product for identity registration and enrollment. The software is used by enterprises, government agencies, and other entities to establish and manage strong forms of identity for employees, contractors, and affiliated parties. Probaris ID® is fully compliant with the Identity Management System (IDMS) standards specified in FIPS 201, PIV, PIV-I and related publications.