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U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), a federal agency under the Department of Commerce, awarded a contract to Probaris in support of the agency's efforts to comply with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12).

Probaris has successfully deployed a complete end-to-end secure identity solution based on Probaris ID. The solution is now being used to produce smart identity credentials for USPTO personnel. USPTO employees are now using the credentials to access physical and logical resources throughout the enterprise. The Probaris ID solution is fully compliant with HSPD-12 and FIPS 201. The USPTO credentials have the ability to interoperate with other federal agencies’ physical and logical access systems.


Social Security Administration

Probaris' ID software is being used as the integration hub for the Social Security Administration’s HSPD-12 Implementation. Probaris ID provides the SSA with a packaged solution for two key components of its HSPD-12 Solution: the Identity Management System (IDMS) and the Enrollment System. Probaris has also providing training, consulting, and knowledge transfer in support of the SSA initiative.

Commonwealth of Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia initiated a First Responder Authentication Credentialing (FRAC) Program in 2010. Credentials issued as part of the FRAC Program adhere to the PIV-I standard. The program primarily focuses on providing credentials to jurisdictions responsible for incident response to Federal Government facilities, such as the Pentagon.

Virginia embraced FIPS 201 as the credentialing standard for emergency responders (e.g., state, local, Federal, private, and volunteer groups) and coordinated with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to develop and implement FIPS 201 as part of its Emergency Response Initiative.

Probaris ID software has been deployed as part of a third-party managed identity service in support of the Virginia FRAC Program. The service is being used to issue PIV-I compliant FRAC credentials to the commonwealth’s first responders. The Probaris software serves as the identity management system (IDMS) and the enrollment solution within the end-to end managed service offering.

Department of Interior

Probaris has worked with the Department of Interior (DOI) on multiple identity verification and process automation initiatives since 2004. Most significantly, Probaris supported the DOI HSPD-12 Implementation team in engineering its existing business processes to meet the requirements of HSPD-12.

Probaris and several partner companies deployed the first fully functioning PIV compliant system at the DOI. The DOI Integrated PIV Solution was the first proven end-to-end solution in the federal government that met all of the PIV-1 compliance objectives and prepared the DOI to effectively meet their goal of full compliance.