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Biometrics, Enrollment, and Issuance Stations

Probaris’ solutions employ biometric capture as part of the identity vetting process.  We use biometric devices and technology from our industry leading partners in our Enrollment Stations and our Issuance Stations.

Our Enrollment Stations manage and drive biometric capture devices, such as fingerprint scanners and digital cameras. Two key vetting and identity processes are based on data gathered at the enrollment stations. These are 1) establishing the applicant’s identity, and 2) capturing and validating the applicant’s identity data. The enrollment stations are used to access the sever-based Probaris ID to provide fast enrollment throughput, flexibility, and security.

Probaris’ Credential Issuance Stations include devices to biometrically validate the applicant prior to activation of a credential.  Transactions performed on the issuance stations are registered, and stored for later audit within Probaris ID.  The issuance stations can include a smart card printer for local issuance and activation of the card.

Authorized users authenticate to the enrollment and issuance stations using their secure PKI based credentials, and all actions are authorized against the centralized servers. All data is digitally signed and transmitted back to the solution with no privacy data stored locally to meet the stringent privacy guidelines.


Consulting Services

  • Probaris ID™ credentialing implementation
  • Program management support
  • Privacy impact assessments
  • Policy assessment + change mgmt
  • Requirements analysis
  • Architecture and design services
  • Logical access usage
  • eAuthentication risk assessments