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Registration Authority

Probaris IDTM can operate as a Registration Authority (RA) when deployed in conjunction with an authorized Certificate Authority (CA). According to the Federal PKI Policy Authority, an RA is defined as an entity that is responsible for identification and authentication of certificate subjects but does not sign or issue certificates (i.e., an RA is delegated certain tasks on behalf of an authorized CA).

Functions performed by Probaris ID when deployed and operated as an RA include:

  • In person proofing
  • Biometric capture (depending on Level of Assurance)
  • Verification and validation of identity documents
  • Enrollment and registration
  • Credential issuance
  • Credential usage
  • Credential revocation
  • Post issuance updates and additions
  • Credential re-issuance

Probaris can assist agencies that choose to deploy Probaris ID as their RA to ensure that it is set up in accordance with the Federal Common Policy and any other relevant agreements or policy documents.


Consulting Services

  • Probaris IDâ„¢ credentialing implementation
  • Program management support
  • Privacy impact assessments
  • Policy assessment + change mgmt
  • Requirements analysis
  • Architecture and design services
  • Logical access usage
  • eAuthentication risk assessments