Probaris Announces Simple, Convenient, and Secure Mobile Authentication Service

New PrivaKey Service Enhances User Experience, Security, and Business Results

PHILADELPHIA, PA–(Marketwired – Apr 20, 2015) – Probaris has announced the launch of PrivaKey™, the company’s new cloud based multi-factor authentication service. PrivaKey was designed to relieve users of the burden of managing dozens of username and password combinations, and instead log into any PrivaKey enabled website or mobile app with a single 4-digit PIN. Enabling PrivaKey eliminates the user’s need to enter a password to authenticate to an online service.

Although many multi-factor authentication solutions have been on the market for years, adoption remains limited. Users tend to resist anything that introduces friction into an online transaction. Despite grave concerns about transaction security, online service providers have been reluctant to push strong authentication methods for fear of driving away users and hurting their businesses.

PrivaKey (rhymes with privacy) was designed to be so simple and convenient that users would prefer it over their current online experiences. Online service providers are eager to enable PrivaKey because improved user experiences lead to better financial results. Along with a better user experience, PrivaKey dramatically improves the security of online transactions.


Probaris Announces Multi-Credential Identity Registration Authority

May 14, 2014

PHILADELPHIA, PA — (Marketwired) — Probaris has announced a new release of its leading identity management system (IDMS) software. Probaris ID® serves as a registration authority for commercial entities and government agencies that issue and manage digital identities. The latest software release, Probaris ID 4.2, includes features to fully enable the management of multiple credentials types within the system. For example, Probaris ID can be used to issue a temporary “flash badge” to a visitor, a soft certificate to a supplier, or a strong biometric identity credential to a new employee. Similarly, the new software supports the issuance and management of multiple credentials for a single identity (i.e., a single person) who has been registered within the system.


Probaris Announces Enhanced Biometric Enrollment Software

Support for the new VistaFA2 camera speeds the digital identity enrollment process

February 27, 2013

Probaris has announced a new release of its leading biometric enrollment software. Probaris Enrollment is used to securely capture biometrics in the process of registering individuals in sophisticated identity management systems. Probaris Enrollment now supports the VistaFA2 camera for facial recognition enrollments. The camera is available from Corvus Integration, Inc., of Reston Virginia. The VistaFA2 is a FIPS-201 approved product capable of capturing ISO/IEC 19794-5 compliant facial images.


Probaris Announces Enhanced Identity Management System (IDMS) Software

Improved commercial software package includes new features to better support large-scale IDMS implementations

November 15, 2012

Probaris has announced a new release of its leading identity management system (IDMS) software. Probaris ID® is the most advanced commercially available product for identity registration and enrollment. The software is used by enterprises, government agencies, and other entities to establish and manage strong forms of identity for employees, contractors, and affiliated parties. Probaris ID® is fully compliant with the Identity Management System (IDMS) standards specified in FIPS 201, PIV, PIV-I and related publications.