Probaris Announces Upgraded Enrollment and Registration Authority Offering

Improved Offering Supports High Assurance Identity Across Multiple Device Types and the Mobile Enterprise

PHILADELPHIA, PA–(Marketwire – Nov 1, 2011) – Probaris has announced the release of the latest version of its industry leading identity Registration Authority software. Probaris ID™ 4.0 builds on the most full-featured and flexible registration and enrollment product on the market. New features include support for:

  • Multiple credential, token, and device types;
  • Registration of identities to support policy across multiple levels of assurance;
  • Configurable workflows for various credential form factors, including smart cards, tokens, and mobile devices;
  • Audit and reporting for governance, risk management and compliance across identity types and industry requirements; and,
  • Significant enhancements to the user experience.

Probaris ID™ is used by enterprises, government agencies, and other entities to establish and manage strong forms of identity for employees, contractors, and affiliated parties. The product is fully compliant with Federal identity standards, including FIPS 201, PIV, PIV-I and related publications.


Aberdeen Reports Significant Shift in Strong Authentication Market

Two recent research studies by the Aberdeen Group indicate a shift in the market for end user authentication solutions.

The research indicates that the number of organizations considering one-time password (OTP) solutions for end user authentication dropped dramatically during first half of 2011. Over the same period, the number of organizations considering solutions based on smart card authentication had grown significantly. Aberdeen points to the recent security breach affecting the RSA SecurID OTP product as the likely cause for the shift in the market.

The research report, “The Case for Smart Cards”, is available on the Aberdeen Group’s website. A complimentary copy of the report is available by clicking here.

Probaris Announces Identity as a Service (IDaaS) Offering

New service offering builds on proven PIV and PIV-I Solution for flexible rapid deployments by Federal Trading Partners, Commercial, and Public Sector Entities

Probaris, Inc. has launched its Identity as a Service (IDaaS) offering to allow government agencies and commercial enterprises to quickly and easily deploy PIV Interoperable (PIV-I) technology and processes. Building on the Probaris ID™ Registration Authority for PIV and PIV-I, the solution makes it possible for enterprises, government agencies, and other entities to establish an authoritative identity store with mappings to even the highest possible assurance levels. The Probaris IDaaS™ solution is powered by integration of the Probaris ID™ Registration Authority with card management and certificate authorities. The IDaaS™ offering provides an end-to-end solution for smart card and mobile credentials which can be deployed quickly and easily. Probaris IDaaS™ provides the CIO, CISO, and CSO with the ability to integrate existing identity and access management (IAM), and security components into the managed identity service, along with expert services to integrate them. And, the CFO gets a more robust, leaner, and more effective compliance framework.


Importance of the Authoritative Identity Store

Our friend Sal D’Agostino at IDMachines discusses: “The Registration Authority: Why an Authoritative Identity Store Needs to be the First Investment in the Enterprise Identity Infrastructure“.

Supporting lower levels of identities is easy to do from a high assurance identity infrastructure. Supporting higher levels of identity is extremely difficult if not impossible with a low level of assurance identity infrastructure. The need to get things right at the start and to support the full range of use cases is all the more reason to adopt PIV and PIV-I as enterprise policy for identity creation and to establish this as policy and a requirement for the enterprise registration authority.