Verizon Credentialing Service Earns Federal Identity Certification

From Verizon’s Press Release:

Verizon is the first and only provider with a credentialing solution to be certified as a PIV-I approved provider, a certified Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 provider, a Federal Shared Service Provider, and a cross-certified Certificate Authority with the FBCA (Federal Bridge Certification Authority).

Probaris ID serves as Registration and Enrollment Authority

Probaris’ software establishes and maintains the trusted digital identity of individuals who engage in online transactions. Probaris ID provides key lifecycle steps in trusted digital identity: registration and enrollment. The product is designed to insure the integrity of the registration and enrollment processes by enforcing specific role separation, chain of trust, and strong authentication according to the policy for that identity and credential.

The integrity of the registration, enrollment and issuance processes are the first steps to establishing trusted identities within the identity ecosystem. The Federal PKI Policy Authority assigns these processes to a role defined as the Registration Authority within a trust framework. Probaris IDTM is being used by multiple federal agencies and commercial entities to enable the Registration Authority role within their respective trust frameworks. Probaris ID is used to provide interoperability by its ability to adhere to the high assurance standard required for Personal Identity Verification Interoperability (PIV-I). Probaris’ ability to meet the PIV and PIV-I requirements means that the Probaris ID software meets the registration and enrollment requirements of any identity provider within the NSTIC ecosystem.

Probaris well aligned with National Identity Strategy

President Obama has released his National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC). The strategy calls for establishing a Trusted Identity Ecosystem to simplify and secure our online activities and transactions. Probaris has been at the forefront of many of the initiatives that helped build the foundation of the NSTIC. Our core software is used to issue, manage, and secure the digital identities called out in the NSTIC. Probaris’ software is central to the creation and registration of the interoperable identities used across the Trusted Identity Ecosystem in the NSTIC.

First Responders moving towards PIV Interoperable credentials

Disaster response and mutual aid situations typically require the coordinated efforts of first responders from multiple jurisdictions. State and local emergency response officials recognize the value of secure interoperable communications and information sharing systems. Interoperable identity and access management is critical to successful cross-jurisdiction coordination.

A group of state, local, and regional emergency management officials have been coordinating their efforts on standard secure interoperable credentials for over a year. The working group is focused on exploring PIV-I credentials as the standard that enables interoperability between local and state emergency reponders. Many jurisdictions represented in the group have initiated programs to begin issuing and using the First Responder Authentication Credentials (FRAC), which are based on the PIV-I standard. The group is known as the PIV-I/FRAC Technology Transition Working Group (TTWG).

More information on the PIV-I/FRAC TTWG is available here.

A recent report on the group’s progress is available here.