Probaris and Verizon team on PIV-I managed service offering

Probaris has teamed with Verizon to launch a fully managed PIV-I service. Our end-to-end Probaris ID product has been installed at Verizon’s world class hosting facilities, along with other third party solution components. Our managed PIV-I service is the only one in the market that:

  1. Includes a PKI service, card management system (CMS), and an identity management system (IDMS), all integrated and hosted in a managed data center; and,
    Has also been certified by the Federal PKI Policy Authority.
  2. Prospective customers can simply subscribe to a standardized service agreement based on the quantity of credentials purchased, and select the appropriate set of enrollment and issuance stations. There is no need for a customer-hosted secure processing environment and server equipment. Nor is there the need for the specialized technical skills and the complex tasks that come with purchasing, installing, and configuring server based software.

The service is being marketed by Verizon as its ID-MSO, and it is listed as an approved PIV-I provider on the federal government’s website.

The service fully conforms to the federal policy requirements and can technically interoperate with elements of the Federal smart card infrastructure.