No one likes managing dozens of user names and passwords,
so why are we still using them?

Until now, alternative solutions have been either too complex or too costly. Introducing PrivaKey.

Destination websites, online service providers, and mobile applications have historically resisted anything that could inconvenience their users. Their resistance is justified. Any friction in user transactions can adversely affect online businesses. Two-factor authentication (2FA) solutions have traditionally inconvenienced users.  As a result, there has been very little adoption of stronger authentication methods. Another unfortunate result is that users are stuck with managing dozens of cumbersome usernames and passwords.

We decided that there had to be a way to design a highly secure 2FA system that is so simple and convenient that users would prefer it over their current online experiences. PrivaKey™ was born from this vision. Improving the user experience is critical to expanding online businesses. Online service providers will love PrivaKey because their users love PrivaKey.  Coincidentally, the security of user transactions will be dramatically improved.

Better user experiences lead to better financial results.

PrivaKey (rhymes with privacy) is a cloud-based identity service. It is very low-cost and easy to enable for relying party websites, online services, and mobile applications. Even better, it is free for end users.

The simple concept behind PrivaKey is similar to the ATM card. Users simply download the PrivaKey app from the iTunes, Google Play, or the Windows Store. A simple registration process binds the user to the device that the app is installed on. The user can then use PrivaKey to authenticate to any participating relying party service using a single 4-digit PIN.

Probaris’ PrivaKey product was designed specifically to address the consumer adoption problem. User convenience and simplicity were paramount in the PrivaKey design, trumped only by requirement to achieve the highest possible security. From its conception, PrivaKey was designed to be easier for users than the ubiquitous username-password combinations in use today. The same considerations were used in establishing the PrivaKey product price point: PrivaKey will be free to consumers and other end users.



PrivaKey Benefits for Relying Parties
  • Simple and inexpensive to enable for relying party services and mobile apps
  • Cloud-based identity service. No capital equipment, facility costs, or software expenses
  • Carrier independent, no need for approval or integration with wireless service providers
  • Standards-based technical architecture compliant with OpenID Connect Protocol and OAuth
  • RESTful APIs for easy integration with relying party websites, services, and mobile applications
  • Highly sophisticated security architecture for more secure transactions
PrivaKey Benefits for Users
  • Works on all common devices that users already own, no need for specialized hardware
  • Easier than username / password combinations
  • Same 4-digit PIN for all relying parties that accept PrivaKey
  • Simple, intuitive, and uniform user experience across all platforms
  • No cost for end users
  • Simple recovery process for lost, stolen, or damaged devices
  • More convenient and less expensive than other available 2FA solutions
  • Very limited collection of user personal data (name and email address only)
  • Optional biometric factor instead of, or in addition to, PIN
  • No copy/paste or toggling between apps to enter code

We are working to enable websites all over the world with PrivaKey to eliminate passwords.

Help stamp out passwords.
Inoculate your websites and mobile apps with PrivaKey.