Probaris Announces Enhanced Identity Management System (IDMS) Software

Improved commercial software package includes new features to better support large-scale IDMS implementations

November 15, 2012

Probaris has announced a new release of its leading identity management system (IDMS) software. Probaris ID® is the most advanced commercially available product for identity registration and enrollment. The software is used by enterprises, government agencies, and other entities to establish and manage strong forms of identity for employees, contractors, and affiliated parties. Probaris ID® is fully compliant with the Identity Management System (IDMS) standards specified in FIPS 201, PIV, PIV-I and related publications.

Probaris ID® allows organizations to implement an identity-centric IDMS to produce and track credentials at the individual level. All of an individual’s credentials are associated with a single identity record. The software creates a history of all credential activity for a particular applicant, and tracks every step in issuing and managing that individual’s credentials. All credentialing transactions are digitally signed to ensure non-repudiation and to enable system security audits.

Probaris ID® 4.1 includes several new features to support the growing demand for strong digital identities based on a variety of tokens, smart cards, and mobile devices. The latest product release includes:

  • Advanced administration capabilities to support segmented multi-client, multi-organization configurations for large-scale hosted Identity Management Systems.
  • An online digital identity marketplace to allow clients to stand up retail or self-service front-ends for their credentialing systems.
  • Support for multiple issuance models including instance issuance, two-step local issuance, and internally managed batch token production.
  • Sophisticated tracking and inventory controls to support advanced batch production models.
    Configurable notification and reporting features including integration with leading third-party reporting products.
  • Seamless integration with a wide range of physical and logical access systems.

Probaris ID® 4.1 provides organizations with the capability to build identity, credential, and access management solutions to meet today’s complex cybersecurity challenges.

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