Probaris ID

Probaris ID® is the most advanced commercial off-the-shelf product available for the production and management of strong identity and authentication credentials.  Developed to be highly configurable, multi-tenant, multi-token and identity-centric, Probaris ID allows for sophisticated and flexible enterprise and cloud based identity services.

Probaris ID is ideally suited for organizations that need to manage large user populations, with many users who need one or more strong credentials or tokens. The product has been successfully deployed in large enterprise accounts and in multi-client managed service solutions.  It is commonly used in the issuance of strong, multi-factor authentication tokens, such as PIV or PIV-I cards.

Key Probaris ID features include:

  • A segmented multi-client, multi-organization Identity Management System (IDMS);
  • Trusted role management and workflow role enforcement;
  • Configurable credential and token requirements definition;
  • Spreadsheet and web services based batch sponsorship;
  • Integrated biometric capture, document scanning and personalization devices;
  • Identity centric user accounts to enable multiple credentials or tokens per user;
  • Configurable workflows;
  • A single, web-based interface for all Identity, Credentialing and Management functions;
  • Configurable report and notification capabilities;
  • Credential inventory and local or remote batch management capabilities;
  • Integration points to upstream and downstream identity stores, suitability assessment services, and physical and logical access control systems (PACS and LACS); and,
  • Ideal Registration Authority (RA) solution for enterprise, public sector, or institutional strong identity solutions.
  • An optional online credential marketplace for customer self service.


Supported Environments, Integrations, and Standards

Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux
Database Management Systems
  • Oracle
  • MySQL


  • ActivIdentity CMS
  • Bell ID CMS
  • Aware Bio SP
  • Codebench
Messaging Interfaces
  • SOAP
  • XML
  • .NET
Standards Compliance
  • FIPS 201-1, 201-2 Pending
    • Associated NIST Special Publications
  • Directory Interface:  LDAP
Devices Supported
  • Datacard and Fargo Printers
  • Crossmatch & Secugen Fingerprint capture
  • Multiple cameras and document scanners